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1. How long are the pieces and where do I buy them?       

You can’t buy them. Our product is fully custom and we manufacture the product on site. No design is ever alike. 


2. How long does concrete edging last? 

With a little care and maintenance concrete edging will last many many years.  


3.  Will the color fade? 

No. All of the colors are iron oxide pigments that are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. The color will not flake off or disappear over time. You may experience a little fading, but this is generally the sealer wearing off. A sealer can aid in the lifetime of the color, we recommend resealing every year to protect your investment. Decorative Edge Curbing offers a resealing service to our customers. Color samples should be used only as a guide. All of our color additives are precisely weighed for consistency throughout our process. 


4. How long does the process take and how much damage is done to my lawn?

Depending on the type and footage of the installation, the complete process normally takes only one day.  As far as damage to the property, we mix all our products on site in a special trailer built for this process. No heavy vehicles will come on the property. 


5. Will the curbing crack? 

All concrete will crack. Our concrete is mixed to precise specifications, 3000psi, and meets the quality of the concrete found around your home today. To control cracking, we install control joints every 2-3 feet. We also install fiber mesh and air entrainment in the mixing process of the concrete to assure strength. 


6. How will replacing my existing edging with curbing effect my landscaping? 

The installer will remove the existing edging, and cut a 12″ wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. This will allow them to extrude the curb where your current edging was. If you have a sprinkler system, additional work may be required.


7. Can I afford this?

You’ll be surprised how inexpensive our product is when you compare it to other alternatives. There are certainly “cheaper” landscape edging products available, but none, compare in the quality and beauty of our  permanent durable concrete edging. Concrete edging is a great value and we have a product for every budget.



About Curbing !

  •  Will not rust like steel, rot like wood, break like plastic or shift like brick.   

  • Fast clean efficient installation.

  • Durable permanent root barrier

  • Existing Landscape not disturbed

  • Professional appearance adds value to your home

  • Large selection of artistic designs 

  • Available in over 40 COLORS 

  • Most jobs completed in one day



Ask us how we can protect your Home foundation and curbing from water damage by installing  hidden in ground downspout drainage with pop up emitters!






No Edging

Absence of edging requires a lot of trimming and maintenance. Grass can grow into your garden beds with ease.


Steel & Plastic

Steel and plastic edging will lift out of the ground over time. Steel will rust and has sharp edges on it, which become a safety hazard.


Red Brick

Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time, and pop loose. Grass will also grow between the blocks.


Wood or Timbers

Wood or Timbers will rot over time. It also attracts bugs and termites


Custom Concrete Edging

Concrete landscape edging is decorative and is one continuous piece that will last for many, many years.

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